Edward Lee Johnson "Uncle Eddie"

November 24, 1970 - March 15, 2010 "Uncle Eddie has his wings now"
That's how I explain to my grand babies where Uncle Eddie has gone now and why we can't see him. Ed was a valued member of the Deal Depot team since 2005. He was also my nephew. Growing up he spent a lot of time living with DJ & I, we loved him as a son and brother. During his five years working in the family business Ed was a salesman, a sales manager and a general manager. He was instrumental in developing new processes and technologies to better the business. He enjoyed reading (detective and mystery novels). His favorite food was Asian but he also enjoyed southern and Italian cuisine. He loved to travel. Epcot Disney World was one of his favorite places! He liked watching West Wing, he owned the whole series on DVD. He liked cooking Sunday brunch. He loved to play with his nieces and nephews. He got a to enjoy fatherhood late in life with the birth of Michele Leigh