Robbin McDonald

Accounting/Human Resource

About Me: Twenty-three yr old Mom and wife of 27years with lots and lots o’experience!!

Tenacious advocate of the truth.

Code of Life - Honor Courtesy and Respect

Community: Discovery Ministries - Support Group Leader and Small group Leader.
 Loving you to your healing.


 Hobbies and interests: Love time in the kitchen preparing 50+ meals at a time or canning the season’s freshest items for later.Uninterrupted hours in the craft room creating knitted/crocheted gifts for all, quilting, coloring, beading, handmade cards and crafts and loving/petting on the fur baby felines: Emmie, Pheobe and Bibi. Reading a book of choice having nothing to do with reality.


 Favorite Foods: Dessert, cheese, Dr. Pepper and meals prepared for me.


Favorite Places to Travel: Enjoy quiet mountain adventures and lazy days at the beach.


Favorite Movies: Marvel Superheroes, Movies with Honor, Courtesy and Respect at the heart of the plot. Gladiator, Remember the Titans, Braveheart, Finding Nemo and Wall-E

Favorite Music: Instrumental jazz, easy listening and the News Boys, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns.....